#31 - Storm Fatigue / by Nameh and Sitara

We are back after life's busyness pulled us away for a while. We share about our experiences with storm fatigue following the huge devastation in Texas and Florida. Sitara shares about how her gift of being empathic can be very intense at times and has been thru these storms. We have been so touched by people of ALL backgrounds coming together to help one another.

Nameh talks about her recent insights with dating and also in her spiritual coaching class. She also shares about her recent adventures in Ananda Mandala, at ecstatic dance, with Osho, with Rob Wergin's channeling calls and in the world. Nameh is really feeling into how love truly is an inside job.

We share about our recent willingness to honor and say that we don't always know. We have found that saying we don't know can be a gift. Is this something you are able to do in your day to day life?

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Woman rescued twice then later found dead
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