#29 - It's our Sani-Versary! / by Nameh and Sitara

Join us as we celebrate our 1 year Sanaversary! We look back at some of the highlights of the last year, share a few of our favorite moments along the way and also discuss our hopes for the coming years. Thank you to our listeners, near and far, without you there would be no podcast.

Be sure to listen in and hear how you can win a special prize!

Woman Within
Path of Love
Family Constellation
Wild Swimming with the Dolphins - https://www.wildquest.com/
Monica Hagerty - shaman
Bang videos - link
Snatam Kaur - so many songs, here's a favorite
Damn Daniel video

Sitara's Sannyas song

Celebration song Nameh and Sitara played in crossing over New Mexico state line Aug 2016.

Life, we are told, originated in the primal seas of Earth when the right nutrients and chemicals combined at the right time and place. In the same way that this primal soup received the seed of life, all human beings also originate as fertilized eggs in a dark, watery womb.