#27 - We See You, We Love You / by Nameh and Sitara

Nameh and Sitara discuss the intense and strongly shot film "The Zookeeper's Wife." If you are interested in the movie you may want to watch it before you listen to this episode. We discuss the extreme importance of standing up for others, speaking up for others and keeping our eyes open---even when difficult things are happening around us.

We share a powerful clip called "do you see me" and talk about how it made us feel to hear the voices of young black boys. Sitara reminds us that we are all connected and that one of us is hurting we are ALL hurting. We commit to remembering this sense of connection and the need to work together, care for and speak up for one another.

We wrap up the show with a hysterical clip by Cindy Foster, we LOVE her! 

The Zookeeper's Wife - movie
Do you See Me - school program confronting race
Cindy Foster 'Lesbian Public Service Announcement' videos