#26 - Feeling Loved on God's Highway / by Nameh and Sitara

Visits of love are showing up strongly for Nameh from her Grandmother and for Veteran Fred's mother in the form of a bluebird from the other side.

Music continues to be a strong support and messenger. We listen to and discuss "God's Highway." Our friend Amita has had a strong connection to "God I have so Many Things to Tell You," which we also connect in with on this episode.

Nameh shares exciting news about upcoming training she's participating in. We share an exercise to help invite good things into our lives and yours.

Song by Theresa Anderson and Tobias Fröberg - God's Highway
Song by Teitur - God I have so Many Things to Tell You
Announcing - Hearing Our Hearts Meet Up page - watch for upcoming Open House's and events.
Path of Love - space for October 2017 7-day retreat filling up!