#22 - Truth in Dying / by Nameh and Sitara

Sitara and Nameh share a very powerful piece of poetry written by Omar Holmon who lost his mother to cancer. We also listen to and discuss Matthew O'Reily's TED talk about being honest with the dying.

If you were to pass away tomorrow what would you want to feel forgiven for? What are you doing to express love to the people in your life right now? Sitara shares her gratitude that discussing death is becoming a social norm.

We share our excitement about going to experience Mother Amma and her hugs for the first time! Have you had a hug from Amma? If not, we strongly encourage you to go when she is in a city near you. 

Omar Holmon - "Anatomy of a Prayer"
Button Poetry and Rustbelt Poetry Slam
Louder than a Bomb (LTAB)
Matthew O'Reilly Ted talk - "Am I dying" honest answer
Amma, Hugging Mother
Maria Abramovic 'artist is present' at MOMA - corresponding documentary film