#19 - Keep Throwing Your Darts! / by Nameh and Sitara

Tune in to hear about our very intense experience of sensing and honoring local crash victim William. We are working to help him, spiritually and lovingly, continue to throw his darts. In our world with no coincidences it turns out that William is also a Veteran. Sitara has gratitude for William and for him reaching out, as the ripple effect of vulnerability has affected her in beautiful way. 

Nameh and Sitara share Will Farrell's recent commencement speech, which inspires us to keep throwing our darts, no matter what! How are you committed to throwing your darts? Can you do things to strengthen your commitment and love of yourself? We share a segment from a recording of medium John Edward where he explains an experience of seeing prayers as musical notes that lift our vibration. He says "prayer with intention is fuel for our spiritual gas tank." We share about our ways of using prayers and intention in our lives. We connect with John's thoughts on needing to clear the fog to have clarity in our lives. 

Will Farrell USC Commencement speech
John Edward