#14 - Letting our lights shine to break out of our prisons / by Nameh and Sitara

Join us to hear from our friend Coco and how we are all letting our lights shine to help us break out of our prisons. Sitara shares about shining thru singing at Melanie DeMore's recent workshop in Santa Fe. Sitara reconciling not being with the Path of Love family ... coming to meet the new invaders in her car. Nameh staffing Path of Love. Understanding more to Nameh being one of a twin pregnancy. Both Sitara and Nameh gear up for an advanced Path of Love workshop: Presence, Peace and the Shadow.

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Show image: This piece is called "Subira's Sojoun" and was created by our dear friend Collette Rogers. Collette uses art to express her soul and feelings. This piece expresses grief around her dear friend Subira's massive stroke.

Collette Rogers
Melanie DeMore - don't miss Melanie at Lama (Women Singing in Circle) this Aug 8th - 13th, 2017
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