#3 - How to Swim through uncharted Waters / by Nameh and Sitara

Show begins with heart connecting meditation, followed by dating updates. Sitara's slowing down her dating train. Nameh experiences no floaties in her dating pool. Nameh explores how the idea of an energetic 'cage' has shown up in her life. The cage was first discovered leading up to her 'boobie redobie' surgery, through her work during a powerful Family Constellation experience and now in dating pursuits. Sitara and Nameh discuss who they are in the world and why they podcast. They chat about what a sneeze might mean in conversations; gratitude to Sobonfu Some' on this topic. They review Listener Questionnaire question, how to love yourself. Concluding with Sitara's pee-pee dance experiences.

Show image is a painting Nameh did leading up to her 'boobie redobie' surgery representing her encaged inner (feminine) child.

Awakening of Love (intro, weekend workshop) and Path of Love (7-day workshop)
Threshold choir
Vets Roll - video
HeartThread - upcoming HeartThread Practitioner Training Feb 10 - 12th, 2017 Bernalillo, NM
Tony Robbins
Sobonfu Some'
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