#1 - Our first show! / by Nameh and Sitara

Who are Nameh and Sitara, online dating fun, how to avoid feeling selfish and convening with Divine purposeful partnerships

Join Nameh and Sitara for their 1st Hearing Our Hearts episode!
First a heart-connecting meditation and moving into who should listen to the podcast (hint: EVERYONE), what we intend for the podcast, how Nameh and Sitara came to know and build their connection, hear insights into Nameh's dating life, how to be careful to avoid an ST uh-oh and how Sitara is coming out of her 7-year shiva. Nameh speaks to her uncovering her inner-Kali! Concluding by engaging with Listener's questions around how to avoid selfish feelings when confronting the desire/impulse to be productive and how we convene in Divine purposeful partnerships. 

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