#32 - Conscious Dying by Nameh and Sitara

When you hear the words conscious dying what does it awaken in you? It may be fear, anger, confusion, curiosity or even excitement.  Join us as we have a very open and honest conversation about death and dying.

We share about our beloved Grandmothers and experiences with their deaths and ongoing presence and love in our lives. We listen to a story from "The Moth" about death and how we, as adults, can be present in so many parts of the process and also how we can chose to include children in this sacred process. We share a post written by Kelly about the loss of her beloved Benjamin and their experience working with a death doula and having a home funeral.

We are happy to share that we will be starting training in March to become certified death doulas.

Do you have special rituals or ways that you honor those you have lost recently? We'd love to hear from you! 

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#31 - Storm Fatigue by Nameh and Sitara

We are back after life's busyness pulled us away for a while. We share about our experiences with storm fatigue following the huge devastation in Texas and Florida. Sitara shares about how her gift of being empathic can be very intense at times and has been thru these storms. We have been so touched by people of ALL backgrounds coming together to help one another.

Nameh talks about her recent insights with dating and also in her spiritual coaching class. She also shares about her recent adventures in Ananda Mandala, at ecstatic dance, with Osho, with Rob Wergin's channeling calls and in the world. Nameh is really feeling into how love truly is an inside job.

We share about our recent willingness to honor and say that we don't always know. We have found that saying we don't know can be a gift. Is this something you are able to do in your day to day life?

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#30 - Our Hearts Hurt by Nameh and Sitara

We dedicate this show, "Our Hearts Hurt," to Heather Heyer (1985 - 2017) who lost her life last week.


The recent tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia has touched us in ways there are no words for. Our hearts are hurting, we are confused, we are scared, we are angry and we commit to continue to be light bearers, even in this dark time. We share about our experiences at the Santa Fe rally, which was held in solidarity of Charlottesville. We talk about the challenges and beauty of all being in the same boat together. Nameh shares about the importance of speaking openly and honestly to the children in our lives during this confusing and scary time. Brene Brown, a favorite 'teacher' of Nameh's offers clear, loving insights around privilege. Brene offers her views on how the country was built on white supremacy.

We believe that things can and will change. We believe in people uniting, we believe that there will be a day when there is not an "us" and "them." We believe we are all from one heart. Where do we, as a people, go from here? What are you doing in this time to help? 

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#29 - It's our Sani-Versary! by Nameh and Sitara

Join us as we celebrate our 1 year Sanaversary! We look back at some of the highlights of the last year, share a few of our favorite moments along the way and also discuss our hopes for the coming years. Thank you to our listeners, near and far, without you there would be no podcast.

Be sure to listen in and hear how you can win a special prize!

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#28 - Know Justice, Know Peace by Nameh and Sitara

Nameh and Sitara share their frustration, disgust and other feelings following DT's recent announcement regarding transgender military members. As conscious, open hearted, open minded and loving beings we also discuss our desire to be able to do more, thru love, to support everyone and to help justice and peace prevail.

We share about our precious experience with Alice, Lynn and their beautiful horses at the ranch. Sitara is looking forward to having a session with Alice and some of the horses soon. We are feeling so grateful for our time with these majestic and loving beings.

Know that however you choose to show up in the world we love you, we are grateful for you and your beautiful heart.

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#27 - We See You, We Love You by Nameh and Sitara

Nameh and Sitara discuss the intense and strongly shot film "The Zookeeper's Wife." If you are interested in the movie you may want to watch it before you listen to this episode. We discuss the extreme importance of standing up for others, speaking up for others and keeping our eyes open---even when difficult things are happening around us.

We share a powerful clip called "do you see me" and talk about how it made us feel to hear the voices of young black boys. Sitara reminds us that we are all connected and that one of us is hurting we are ALL hurting. We commit to remembering this sense of connection and the need to work together, care for and speak up for one another.

We wrap up the show with a hysterical clip by Cindy Foster, we LOVE her! 

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#26 - Feeling Loved on God's Highway by Nameh and Sitara

Visits of love are showing up strongly for Nameh from her Grandmother and for Veteran Fred's mother in the form of a bluebird from the other side.

Music continues to be a strong support and messenger. We listen to and discuss "God's Highway." Our friend Amita has had a strong connection to "God I have so Many Things to Tell You," which we also connect in with on this episode.

Nameh shares exciting news about upcoming training she's participating in. We share an exercise to help invite good things into our lives and yours.

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#25- How Fear Guides Us by Nameh and Sitara

Nameh speaks about a comment from a hiker and the value of conscious language. Will Smith speaks about an experience sky diving and how his fear guided him. Sitara and Nameh discuss how fear is present and what resources they use to both understand and navigate the various parts of us that might be speaking their fear. A number of strong movies are referenced (see full show notes).

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#24 - From the Ashes they Rise by Nameh and Sitara

Tune in this week and meet our special guest and dear friend Amita. We share about our experiences at the recent ceremony, called forth by Sitara. Sitara shares her gratitude for all who supported the ceremony happening. Amita shares about how it feels to be her true self, without any filters and about her HeartThread session that Nameh and Sitara shared with her during her visit.

We listen to Adele's song "Remedy," John Austin's song "Love, Serve And Remember" and Miten's song "Here Comes Your Second Chance" and share about what we hear and feel with each of them. Amita shares about her experience in India of seeing and understanding how each person is serving an important role. Nameh is seeking balance with living in service and also being able to support herself. 

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#23 - If you see something, say something by Nameh and Sitara

*warning for strong language and discussion of racial injustice*

Is there a time in your life when you were at your best and it was time to make a huge change? What are some ways that you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone? Racial inequality and injustice are running rampant in our society and we refuse see it and ignore it. We step out of our comfort zone and Sitara shares Michel Harriot's piece, written following the not-guilty verdict for the police officer who murdered Philandro Castile. We share our frustration, sadness and commitment to speaking up and stepping in, when we can. Nameh shares about a time that she set a boundary of being unwilling to tolerate injustice from a family member.

We, as human beings, are all connected. We feel this so strongly. When one of us is hurting, we all hurt. We see the horrific injustice around Philandro Castile's murder and we say his name, we will never forget.

Sitara shares Melanie DeMore's song "I Pray For Us All," which has given her a lot of comfort in the last few days.

Be sure to hear to listen to our shout out to our dear friend and new Deacon triple D at the end of the show.

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